Spare Wheel Bike Carrier

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The Spare Wheel Bike Carrier utilises your rear spare wheel by allowing two bikes to be easily transported. This product is Rhino-Rack engineered to create a simple application that provides secure loading and ease of use. The Spare Wheel Bike Carrier can be placed in position with minimal fitting required so that you can get on the road faster and unload rapidly having arrived at your destination. Take the Rhino-Rack Spare Wheel Bike Carrier on your next riding adventure to make the most of your time with friends and family

The Spare Wheel Bike Carrier allows you to load and unload your bikes faster than any bike carrier. Rhino-Rack are giving you more time to enjoy the ride with friends and family.


  • The Spare Wheel Bike Carrier is fast and simple to install
  • Bikes are secured by thick rubber straps
  • Engineering allows two bikes to be carried on the spare rear wheel
  • Folds down when not in use
  • Sleek design
  • Black Powder Coating is corrosion proof for all weather and stylish
  • Can be adjusted to offset your spare wheel on either the right or left side
  • Suitable for larger vehicles, 4wds and any car with a rear spare wheel
  • The Spare Wheel Bike Carrier can hold a maximum of two adult bikes
  • Not suitable for heavy off road use
Number Of Bikes: 2
External Dimensions - Length 750 mm. Width 600 mm, Height 120 mm
Bike Types -  Mountain bike,  Wide Tyres,  Kids bike, Race bike, Disc Brakes
Mount Style - Rear Spare Wheel
Product Weight - 5.6kgs
Warranty - 3 Years
Maximum Load - 30kg/66lb
Important Note:
  • Maximum tyre depth is 295mm
  • Not to be used off-road or on the back of caravans

Spare Wheel Bike Carrier