Rated Recovery Points

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Compatible with Ironman 4x4 Bull Bar Only

Recovery is an inevitability when four wheel driving. You need rated recovery points that can safely withstand and distribute the loads of a recovery – which is something stock tow points aren’t designed to do.

Ironman 4x4 has created recovery points that are both rated and designed to be fitted (and sold) in pairs, allowing an equalization strap to be used and provide multiple attachment points during a recovery.

Powder coated red for ease of identification – especially when covered in dirt and mud, Ironman 4x4 recover points are perfect for winching and snatch recoveries.

  • NATA tested and approved - approved to verify strength and design, and also undergo extensive real world recoveries to ensure a superior rated recovery point is developed.

  • Each recovery point has an individual working load limit (WLL) of 5000kg and is designed to connect to your recovery device via a 4.75t shackle

  • Designed to complement your Ironman 4x4 Bull Bar

  • Attaching to the chassis means the recovery point utilises rated high tensile bolts for fastening. The bolts have a Geomet coating which lubricates the bolts for assembly but can also withstand more than 1000 hours of salt spray testing without any signs of rust

  • All mounting hardware is included.

  • Supplied as a pair

  • Compatible with Ironman 4x4 Bull Bar only (as factory bumpers hang too low for the recovery point to be used).
  • 3 year warranty

Please Note:

Working load limit 5000kgs

Generic image only. Actual product may vary depending on model.

Rated Recovery Points