General Tire

Over 100 years ago, an American 4x4 icon was born. Its been conquering new frontiers ever since.

When General Tire was born in Onio, USA, most rural roads were still unpaved, route 66 didn't yet exist, and the golden age of road building was almost a decade away. So they built tyres with the strength needed to break new ground. They still do.

The same frontier spirit that saw General conquer the wild west is alive and well. This is the real American off-road legend, known for taming every terrain, for generation and after generation. Today, their tyres are revered by outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, fisherman, and anyone who likes to explore with their 4x4.

Bold and Distinctive

In true American style, each tyre in the Grabber range is unapologetically brash in appearance. The tread pattern is angular and aggressive, marking them as different from other tyres and making them stand out. People notice a General Tire.

Move beyond the looks and there's in incredible level of detail. Like the GT logo etched into the patterns of the AT3 sidewall, and the warning sign indicators of the HT6, alerting drivers to any threads to tyre safety and setup. Style and substance are delivered in equal measure for tyres that stand apart and stand out.

Proven Under Starry Nights Everywhere

General Tire comes into their own when their rubber is used to take you beyond the fold of the map, to places that are uncharted and unexplored. Thats where you get to appreciate just how good they are, their grip, and the ability to traverse any terrain.

This is because they're made from wanderers, people who like to escape the flashing lights of the big smoke, to places where the only reflections are from the eyes of animals in the dark. These tyres are most at home where there are no homes.

Tested in Texas

General Tires might be over 100 years old but their testing facility is firmly focused on creating tyres for the future. Based in Uvalde, Taxas, every tyre is relentlessly put through the most extreme tests until patterns are perfected, they're sure each tyre can grip in every season, and they know the tyres will endure for prolonged life.

The tyre development team pride themselves on making tyres that can take you from the connected world of inner city life to the unplugged world of the great outdoors. We've seen them used on some of the most epic missions and they're famously used extensively by Jeep owners at Jeep Jamborees all over the US.