"New Zealand Online 4x4 Equipment Store. We love 4WDs and we love adventures! We aim to have all your needs covered in a one stop shop - where you can complement your ability with accessories"

On road or off the beaten track - New Zealand's first choice for 4×4 equipment. Why we have chosen the brands we have:

Ironman 4x4: Sold in more than 120 countries, Ironman 4x4 will deliver the comfort and safety you demand as well as quality and value for money. Rigorous manufacturing and testing standards have been developed by Ironman 4x4’s product engineers in Australia, all of whom are personally involved in four wheel driving. In addition to its retail products, Ironman 4x4 supplies original equipment for car manufacturers and the US Military in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Users of 4 wheel drive vehicles, from farmers wanting to improve the ability of a vehicle to get around paddocks or back blocks, government departments and regional councils needing access to remote areas, to Kiwis enjoying hunting, fishing, camping or just exploring our great outdoors in their 4x4’s. Ironman 4×4 provide great value for money solutions for all sectors within the 4×4 industry, with a versatile and forward thinking approach, whether it be recreational, military or commercial use we can safely say that you are using world class products.

Rhino Rack: It all began in 1992 when the very first Rhino Rack was born. Like all births, it was wonderful, inspiring, and a little bit messy. But pretty soon they realised they were onto something solid, and the next 20 years saw Rhino-Rack grow steadily, developing an extensive range of high-quality roof rack systems and accessories. Today they are the proud owner of Australia’s most diverse and innovative range of roof rack products, supplying high-quality gear to all industry segments.

  • There for the tradies - When you need reliable gear that works as hard as you do, look no further than the massive range of Heavy Duty roof racks, ladder racks, trays, conduits and more.
  • There for the sportsmen - Loading your bikes, kayaks, canoes, skis and snowboards has never been easier - meaning we help you get out on the track, water or slopes quicker than ever before.
  • There for the sun-seekers and nature lovers - Indulge your taste for adventure with a Rhino-Rack awning, boat loader, and luggage basket or fishing-rod holders. Everything the NZ camper needs for the ultimate getaway.
  • There for the environment - We think nature is pretty awesome. And if we don’t take care of it, our kids and grandkids might not be able to do all the camping, biking, skiing and surfing that we do. Rhino Rack is committed to minimising our environmental impact across every aspect of the Rhino-Rack business.

Mickey Thompson: Mickey Thompson is a giant amongst racetrack heroes. He is the driver who holds more auto speed records than anyone on earth. He is the maverick car builder whose designs revolutionised racing. He is the tyre innovator whose tyres were used on fast attack vehicles in the Gulf War. He is the man who never gave up.

How did Mickey remain so determined to succeed against the odds? An IQ test revealed Mickey was near-genius. His brilliant mind, steely determination and love of auto racing meant Mickey didn't stop until he saw his revolutionary ideas come to fruition. Since 1963 Mickey Thompson has built his products to WIN—he built them from necessity.

We hold fast to Mickey’s values, his unceasing drive for faster—better. Mickey’s contribution as an innovator of revolutionary tyres went beyond motorsport. The 4WD tyres available today feature many of the innovations that Mickey and Gene McMannis designed in their racing tyres. Tyres with tread running down the sidewall known as sidebiters for climbing out of ruts and to reduce off-road damage; a directional tread pattern at 23 degrees (the ultimate angle for cutting and self-cleaning as used on plough blades and tractor tyres); and specialty light truck radial tyre sizing up to 40 inches are all Mickey Thompson innovations.

Maxxis Tyres: “Wherever you go, let Maxxis take you there with strength and durability without compromising your comfort” Founded in Taiwan in 1967, and growing steadily, Maxxis eventually became the largest manufacturer of bicycle tires in the world – as it is today.  Maxxis employs more than 30,000 people and is one of the world’s largest tyre companies.  Operating in Asia, Europe, North America and South America, Maxxis supplies tyres to around 170 countries, including New Zealand.

Maxxis’ reputation for excellence in safety, durability and handling follows their commitment to technological innovation.  To maintain their market-leading legendary performance, Maxxis currently operate six research and development facilities around the world – in Europe, USA, Taiwan, China and Thailand – each utilising state-of-the-art equipment for tyre design and testing.  Engineers from these six centres continuously collaborate on design and testing to ensure that every tyre meets Maxxis’ rigorous requirements.

With Maxxis, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve chosen an internationally recognised brand – one that has been trusted as an original equipment supplier to Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Hyundai.   Maxxis stand by every product they produce and in all their operations, Maxxis is driven to meet their customers’ needs, then to surpass their expectations.  Whatever your requirements, you can trust Maxxis to deliver quality, value and performance.

Total Oil: Total international group is the world’s fifth-ranked publicly-traded international oil company. More than 97.000 employees and over 130 nationalities are representing the workforce.

Total Lubricants offers a wide range of products thanks to:

  • Its diversified market segments : automotive, industrial market, marine,
  • Association of multiple uses : engine oil, gear oil, coolant liquids, metal working, white oils, hydraulic & brake fluids.
  • Our products meet international specifications and industrial requirements with international partnerships including motorsports.
  • Total Lubricants is an important sponsor in Formula One, WRC, Moto GP, Endurance and Rally Raid.
  • Strong investments are deployed concerning used oils recycling process in partnership with Veolia and Osilub in France