Snatch Strap (9m)- 8,000KG

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STRONG AND DURABLE: Ironman 4x4 off-road recovery straps are made from high-quality nylon webbing that is both strong and durable. With a break strength of 8000kgs/17,600 pounds, you can be confident that it will be able to handle even the most off-road recovery situations.

STRETCHY AND SAFE: Designed to stretch under load with a 20% stretch rate, you can be confident that this recovery strap will help to absorb shock and prevent damage to your vehicle. This is perfect for recovering a vehicle in an off-road environment, where there is a lot of resistance.

EASY TO USE: The Ironman 4x4 recovery strap is easy to use and comes with everything you need to get started, including protection sleeves, a mesh drying bag, and an instruction manual for proper use.

COMPACT AND PORTABLE: You can easily store this in your vehicle and add to your collection of 4x4 gear. This makes it the perfect recovery tool for off-road enthusiasts, emergency personnel, and anyone else who needs to be prepared for the unexpected during any outdoor adventure.

Material - 100% nylon

Colour - White

Size (L x W) - 9m x 75mm

Breaking strength - 17600 lbs/8,000kgs

Stretch rate - 20%

Snatch Strap (9m)- 8,000KG