Maxxis MT772 Razr MT - The Explorer. Untamed.

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The Explorer. Untamed.

This is where technology meets your thirst for adventure. Beware.

They say you should beware of the quiet ones.  They’re right. The RAZR MT is so very quiet on the highway.  You’d almost think it was an ordinary tyre. It’s not. Pull off the road.  Ready yourself. The RAZR was built with 4x4 racing blood in its rubber. It was built from years of racing technology and expertise.  This is a tyre that will take you beyond your limits. Then keep going.

- Extreme Durability: Adventure comes with danger. Which is why the RAZR comes with ‘Armour Ply’. Specially developed intertwined fibres create amazing casing strength. The result is extreme durability, toughness and puncture resistance.

- Extreme Traction: The RAZR literally spits the mud out. Deeply sculpted tread blocks with two stepped design for exceptional self cleaning, means the RAZR goes further in mud and clay, eating up the most challenging off-road conditions.

- Extreme Quiet: The RAZR is equipped with a silencer. A specially developed tread pattern that has tamed the tell-tale mud tyre hum. On the highway you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s just a normal tyre.

It Has... So you can...
Stair-shaped shoulder design and two stepped tread blocks. Head into the deep mud and ruts, knowing you have extreme traction.
New off-road tread compound with chemical fillers Give it a real hammering, knowing it's really resistant to cutting, tearing and chunking.
Siped tread blocks Be sure of maximum traction in the wet.
High tensile nylon cap ply Feel stable at high speeds.
Specially developed tread pattern Listen to your tunes without interfering noise from the tyre.
3-Ply sidewall with debri resistant wrap around shoulder blocks Not worry about sharp objects or punctures. This is a tough tyre.

Tyre Sizes

Tread Pattern Tyre Size Ply rating Side Wall / Compound Load/Speed
MT772 32x11.50R15 6PR RBL 113Q
MT772 33x12.50R15 6PR RBL 108Q
MT772 35x12.50R15 6PR RBL 113Q
MT772 245/75R16 10PR RBL 120Q
MT772 265/70R16 10PR RBL 121Q
MT772 265/75R16 10PR RBL 123Q
MT772 285/75R16 10PR RBL 126Q
MT772 315/75R16 10PR RBL 127Q
MT772 265/65R17 10PR RBL 120Q
MT772 265/70R17 10PR RBL 121Q
MT772 285/70R17 10PR RBL 121Q
MT772 305/70R17 10PR RBL 121Q
MT772 275/65R18 10PR RBL 123Q
MT772 35x12.50R18 10PR RBL 123Q
MT772 275/65R20 10PR RBL 126Q
MT772 295/55R20 10PR RBL 123Q
MT772 35x12.50R20 10PR RBL 121Q
MT772 37x13.50R20 10PR RBL 127Q
MT772 37x13.50R22 10PR RBL 123Q


Please Note:

  • It is important to ensure you order the correct tyres. If you have ordered the incorrect size please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Any cancellations will incur a restocking fee 20% and all costs associated with the return of the goods are the sole responsibility of the consumer.
  • There must be no evidence of tampering and that the tyres have never been mounted or used. 

Maxxis MT772 Razr MT - The Explorer. Untamed.