Maxxis MT764 Bighorn MT

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Extraordinary Grip

New levels of mud-loving performance.

Massive grip for masses of mud.  This tyre loves the dirt, excelling in conditions that gets others stuck.  You’ll just cruise on by...or you could stop and pull them out. The choice is yours.

- Superb off-road traction: Behold the ‘Eagle Claw’. A dual stage tread design for extra bite and enhanced self-cleaning, so you can take flight through the mud.

- Heavy Duty Construction: This is one tough mudder. Super strong reinforced casing construction with extra nylon cap ply give outstanding durability in tough conditions.

- Extra Damage and Puncture Resistance: This tyre eats rocks and spits stones. The ‘G’ shaped buttress reinforcements with stone eliminators help to repel sharp objects for some tough puncture protection.

It Has... So you can...
The 'Eagle" - next generation multi-edged tread design See a pit of mud and head straight for it. And through it.
Special purpose mud and stone ejector lugs See the tyres clean themselves as mud and stones get forced out.
Triple sidewall Give it a good thrashing and be confident it'll not puncture.
Extra heavy-duty shoulders and sidewalls Keep on thrashing it and it'll grip even on uneven surfaces.
Siped tread lugs and nylon cap ply Keep control in the wet.
M & S all-season rated Not let the weather stop you.


Size Load/Speed Ply rating White Letters
33×12.50R15 108Q 6PR WL
32×11.50R15 113Q 6PR WL
31×10.50R15 109Q 6PR WL
30×9.50R15 104Q 6PR WL
225/75R16 115Q 10PR
245/75R16 120N 10PR WL
265/75R16 123M 10PR WL
245/70R16 113Q 8PR WL
265/70R16 117Q 8PR WL
205R16C 110Q 8PR
225/70R17 110Q 8PR WL
265/70R17 118Q 8PR WL
265/65R17 117S 8PR WL
275/65R18 119Q 8PR
275/60R20 119Q 8PR
305/50R20 111Q 8PR
33×12.50R20 114Q 10PR

Maxxis MT764 Bighorn MT