Maxxis M8060 TREPADOR

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Point the Trepadors in the direction you want to go. Then go there.

As the conditions get worse, as the competition stronger, enter the Trepador.  A tyre for serious off-road use for those who push limits or compete. This is a competition tyre for the professionals that's suitable for the passionate weekenders.  

- Extreme Mud Traction: Does a directional tread design mean you can go in any direction? It does with the Trepador. Almost unstoppable traction for extreme conditions.

- All Surface Traction: These tyres bite. Hugely aggressive shoulder blocks tear into the terrain. Deep mud and rock climbing are no problem.

- Certified for Highway Use: The same tyres that can you take anywhere off road can you take anywhere on the road.

It Has... So you can...
Extra nylon cap ply & wrap around shoulder blocks Be rough with it. It can handle it.
A tread block arrangement designed for a uniform tread contact area Be sure of accomplished handling.
Siped tread blocks Stick to the road in the wet.
Square edged shoulder blocks and multi-curve siping Go from hard packed earth and clay to loose dirt and slippery surfaces with no loss of traction.
Bias ply construction (some sizes) Get ultra flexible deforming capability to bend over rocks and deep ruts for maximum traction.
M & S all-season rated

Play in the snow.

Size Load/Speed Ply rating
205/70R15C 104Q 6PR
35×12.50R15 113Q 6PR
37×12.50-16 124L 8PR
40×13.50-17 (indent only) 123L 8PR
33×12.00R20 121Q 10PR

Maxxis M8060 TREPADOR