Maxxis AT700 Bravo - A Tyre Truely Built For the Extra Mile

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Aggressive All-Terrain Tread Design For Superb Traction

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Premium All Terrain tyre from Maxxis, designed to bring you the best of both on and off-highway performance. The AT700 offers refined highway performance along with dependable off-road traction. The Maxxis T700 is a typical all-terrain tyre with a 70% on-road, 30% off-road combination. Engineered to endure the harsh conditions, it is everything that anybody would want in a 4x4 all terrain tyre and more.

Superb All Terrain traction

Self-clearing tread grooves for minimal rock retention and maximum grip. Staggered shoulder lugs for extra off-road traction.

Very stable braking and handling

Extra strength steel belts and a wide nylon cap ply for extra stability when towing or when braking under heavy loads.

Optimal wet road grip

Four U-shaped circumferential grooves offer excellent hydroplaning resistance and also increase the AT700’s self clearing capability off road.

Adaptive casing

Nylon cap ply offers excellent rebound response for a smooth ride on rough roads and ultimate casing flexibility to resist damage and punctures on and off road.

  • 3D tread block ensure excellent read stiffness, even wear and high steering stability
  • Multi-pitch tread pattern minimises road noise and ensures excellent off-road performance.
  • Four U-shaped circumferential tread grooves ensure excellent hydroplaning resistance and minimised rock retention.
  • Staggered shoulder lugs provide extra bite for exceptional off-road traction.
  • Optimised sipe design ensures improved wet and dry performance, optimised wear and excellent mileage.

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    Maxxis AT700 Bravo - A Tyre Truely Built For the Extra Mile