LED Light Kit Suited For DeltaWing XTR 270 Degree Awnings

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DESIGNED FOR THE DELTAWING XTR-71: Complete your DeltaWing XTR-71 270° Awning with this wall kit.  This wall kit includes 2 windowed wall pieces for each side of 

XTR AWNING READY: Designed to integrate into the C-channel roof frame of the XTR range, a clever 3-piece LED light kit is available for semi-permanent installation via 3M adhesive strips.

3 BRIGHT LIGHTS: The 3-piece kit, spanned across three roof arms provides a great spread of workable light with combined output of 830 lumens.

ADJUSTABLE COLOR: Three color settings: cool, bright white and yellow – perfect to keep the mosquitoes away.

COMES WITH EVERYTHING: The LED light bar kit includes the 3 light bars, inline controller and 12V DC power cable.


  • Energy Saving LED Technology
  • Adjustable Light Color Settings
  • Max Lumen Output - 830L
  • Inline Power & Brightness Control Systems
  • IP65 Rated Connections
  • 3M Adhesive Mounting Strips
Dimensions: 13.8" x 1.2" x 1.2" (350 x 30 x 30mm)
Light Color: Cool White / Bright White / Yellow
Output: Max 276 Lumen per Light Bar / Bright White
Voltage: 12VDC
Max Power Draw: Bright White @ 100% brightness = 2.15A (3x Light Bar)
Inline Power and Brightness control
3-way splitter
Multi Use Cigarette Light fitting - Length: 11.8" (300mm)

Note: This light kit is only compatible with the XTR range: DeltaWing XTR-71 and DeltaWing XTR-143.


Each LED light bar is designed to be located inside the three roof frames fixed to the rear awning mounting plate.

It is important that the mounting surface for the adhesive is clean and free from dirt and debris before the light abr is attached.

It is recommended that each light bar is positioned 3.9" (100mm) from the end of the roof rail.

Connection Explanation:

Connect the 3-way splitter to the light bars, connect to the inline control and then to the power lead.


  • Connect to a suitable 12VDC power source
  • Press the Power / Mode button (center of controller)
  • Select the light color by pressing the Power / Mode button until the desired color is achieved
  • Adjust the brightness by pressing the + or - button
  • Turn off pressing the Power / Mode button

LED Light Kit Suited For DeltaWing XTR 270 Degree Awnings