Giti 4x4 AT71

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 A tyre that will take your adventure to the next level, whether you are on the road or driving across gravel, mud or sand.

A specially designed All-Terrain pattern for off-road vehicles. Featuring low noise and durability performance.

  • Well priced all-terrain tyre with white lettering on one side
  • Great all-round performance at a budget price
  • Ideal for 4x4s, Utes and SUVs
  • Low road noise


  • Tread compound - special compound for off-road, improved noise, wet ground and rolling resistance at the same time
  • Belt - High strength steel wire to enhance the rigidity of the tread
  • Carcass ply - Polyester cord with high modules and low shrinkage, providing good safety
  • Inner layer - thickened inner layer. The thickness is 40% thicker than the previous generation product.
  • Bead Structure - Patented bead structure design technology, providing better durability
  • Bead wire - Single wire winding technology to enhance the strength of the tyre bead and reduce the appearance of fatigue effects.
  • Shoulder Guardrail Design - prominent two in one combined shoulder design provides additional off-road traction
  • White sidewall design
  • Special detail design at the bottom of the groove - reduces stone residue
  • Open transverse groove design - effectively remove  sediment and improve off-road performance.
  • Shoulder one - third transverse groove design - blocks noise transmission.
  • Segmented discontinuous transverse trench design - improves stiffness and reduces noise.

Giti Tyres is a Singapore based global tyre company with over 60 years tyre manufacturing experience. They manufacture a range a brands including Giti, GT Radial, Runway, Primewell and others. They have 8 tyre manufacturing plants located in China, Indonesia, and USA with a combined annual capacity of well over 50 million tyres. Giti has over 600 experienced tyre R&D engineers in cutting edge facilitates with top quality equipment.

Please Note:

  • It is important to ensure you order the correct tyres. If you have ordered the incorrect size please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Any cancellations will incur a restocking fee 20% and all costs associated with the return of the goods are the sole responsibility of the consumer.
  • There must be no evidence of tampering and that the tyres have never been mounted or used. 
  • Shipping costs to Urban address 
    • 4/5 Tyres: $110 North Island, $170 Otago/Southland, $130 Rest of South Island.
    • 3 Tyres: $90 North Island, $140 Otago/Southland, $110 Rest of South Island
    • 2 Tyres: $70 North Island, $120 Otago/Southland, $90 Rest of South Island
    • 1 Tyre: $60 North Island, $90 Otago/Southland, $70 Rest of South Island

If your address is rural, this will need to be picked up from your closest Mainfreight depot.  Contact us for more info :)

Giti 4x4 AT71