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"Conquer The Outdoors - The Frontier is Yours. Or Wherever You Want to Explore"

If you want get out there and keep going, stopping only when you’ve seen what’s around that corner or just over the brow of that hill, then you need the X3.  This is a tyre built for extreme conditions and the extremely adventurous, for 4x4 drivers who want to keep going and will let nothing stop them from getting to ‘that place’.  

The chiselled looks and bulky blocks showcase the strength of the X3.  Yet this is a tyre stacked with smarts.  Underpinning the brawn is an intelligent construction that calls upon all of the wisdom from lessons learned in our proud 100 year history.  If you want to conquer new frontiers, the X3 is your tyre.  

Adventure X3 - The X3 embodies the spirit of the intrepid.  It’s not about merely going off the beaten track or taking the back road.  It's made to drive forward in whatever direction you want.  For adventures that await you over the horizon, behind the hill or on the other side of the river bed.  This is about conquering new frontiers and then going further still.  

The X3 is made for Extreme performance in Mud, Extreme performance in Dirt and Extreme performance on Rock.  Its super strong tread and massive wrap around lugs aggressively repel damage and dirt to keep on moving through, no matter how tough the terrain. 

The thrill and excitement of exploring the unknown is like nothing else.  It’s where we learn to push boundaries and where we forge friendships.  The X3 is the tyre that’ll take you on the most epic adventures... and bring you back wanting more.

Take Control of Every Situation - The same commanding presence that sets the X3 apart off-road can also be felt on the highway and city streets.  We know that highway trips can be epic in a way all of their own and the safety demands can be equally challenging, so the X3s are ready to keep you stable and safe in the concrete jungle too.  

When the storms brew and rain starts to fall, the X3 maintains grip to prove mud terrain tyres can maintain traction on slippery surfaces.  This means you really can forge your own path and go anywhere.  Even in the bright lights of the big city.

X Mud - Enjoy the thrill of extreme off-road maneuvers with an aggressive and open pattern design that grips and holds fast through muddy terrain. The X3 will clean itself to maintain traction, the evaluation channels forcing water and mud away from the tyre surface.

X Dirt - The innovative tread design adds row after row of angled biting edges. They eat into loose rock, dirt and gravel for constant traction that keeps you in command of the action. At the same time, stone bumpers protect the tyre and minimise stone drilling for long-lasting off-road adventures.

X Rock - Attacking rock faces and rolling over jagged edges will pose no problems. The X3 is exceptionally robust and designed for the most vigorous treatment in the harshest of conditions. There is lots of grip from every angle and the strong sidewall keeps the tyre protected


General Tires doesn't cut corners.  The X3 is the product of:

  • 3 Years of Development
  • 9 Different Constructions
  • 16 Tread Patterns Evaluated
  • 500+ hours of Off Road Testing
  • 1,000+ Tyres Tested & Analysed
  • 20,000+ Man Hours Invested
  • 3 Million + KMs of Testing

The LRO 4x4 Tyre Test... Battle of the Mud Tyres.

LRO is the magazine for Land Rover enthusiasts.  When they decided to test mud tyres in the UK’s muddiest bogs, they pitted the Grabber X3 against the competition.  The testing regime was a hardcore course of muddy ruts, cambered corner climbs, the fabled snotty mud climb and plenty of slippery hills.  It was a real battle in cold mud.  

Once it was all over, the mud tracks of the winner were left by the Grabber X3.  In the words of LRO the X3 “takes overall honours through its sidewall grip for climbing out of ruts, and gripping and turning in gloopy mud.  It’s also quieter at speed and delivers better braking on wet roads”.  

That’s it then…the UK 4x4 frontier: Conquered. 

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  • There must be no evidence of tampering and that the tyres have never been mounted or used. 
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General Tire Grabber X3