General Tire Grabber AT3

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"A choose-your-own-adventure style tyre that's made for everywhere"

Drive confidently in the direction of adventure.  The Grabber AT3 delivers you comfortably to the end of the road but doesn’t stop there.  Because there are no boundaries.  There’s nothing in your way and anywhere really is possible.

This is a tyre that yearns to explore.  The AT3 will keep you relaxed and comfortable on the highways.  It’s controlled, assured and quiet.  Then as you decide to advance further, taking a turn towards the unknown, the AT3 becomes a grizzled adventurer full of bite, fight and might.  This is a tyre that’ll go with you for the journey and be part of the stories you share with others.

Go Off-Road with Confidence - Born in the unforgiving proving grounds of the Texan desert.  Proven all over the world, in all sorts of Terrain.  The AT3 handles sealed roads with the seasoned confidence of years of highway R&D.  But beyond that it yearns to explore.  It wants to tackle the rough terrain, wade through dirt and take you to places that’ll have you stop and look around to appreciate the beauty of where you just drove to. 

The AT3 is equipped for the harshest of environments and seeks the most daring of adventures.  And because we know that off-highway can be unpredictable, we’ve made sure the General will advance over and through the trickiest terrain, with multiple biting edges on the tread blocks and our legendary TracGen and DuraGen technology built in.

So pack the gear, grab a compass and get on your way.  You might just end up further off the track than you thought.

Drive on-road in style - The AT3 might be primed to explore but it's also just as at home when it's conquering the urban landscape.  On the highway the AT3's Comfort Balance technology kicks in to keep the ride stable and smooth, defying what many would expect from an All Terrain tyre.  And our acoustically arranged tread blocks break up road noise so that telltale hum you might expect just isn't there.

In the wet, the grip supports confident driving in the knowledge that when you brake or when you're steering through a corner, you’ll remain in control.  It’s a well-mannered performance that makes driving a pleasure and fills you with the confidence to go further.  Because you can.

Tracgen Technology - The Grabber AT3 sticks. When loose traction is encountered the traction ribs and multi-angled sipes provide aggressive gripping edges, interlocking with off-road surfaces. In the mud, open tread shoulders ensure efficient self-cleaning for easily maintained traction.

Duragen Technology - In rugged terrain, chip and cut resistance from the robust compound gives you the confidence to keep going. Reinforced tread blocks minimise deformation and help improve tread life, even in high-torque applications. Sure-footed and stable, with high strength steel belts, the AT3 will lead the way to adventure and go as far as you want.

Comfort balance Technology - For a more pleasant ride experience, uniform block geometry is matched with a low stiffness variation. As the tyre rolls it smooths out the contact with the road, reducing vibration and damping sound.

Bolt Styling. Aggressive Design -  General Tire unmistakable American heritage is on display with the General Grabber A3.  It’s bold, aggressive and with just enough brashness to set it apart from other tyres.  Then there’s the incredible detail - with the GT logo featuring on the sidewall lugs.  It’s a sign and level of quality few can match and it sets GT apart from the rest. 

The muscular looks ain't just for show either.  The AT3 is like a tactical multi-purpose tool with some serious technology underpinning the brute strength.  It can eat into the mud, scramble over rocks and go toe-to-toe with loose gravel.  It really doesn’t matter what the terrain is, the AT3 winning combination of brawn and brains will adapt and conquer. 

SA4x4 Tyre Lineup - The ultimate all terrain tyre test - The leading tyres, the toughest tests and the mother of all showdowns…the South African 4x4 Tyre Test (2018) was the biggest tyre test SA had ever seen.  The battles were set across braking tests (tar and gravel), traction in sand, gravel acceleration and the incline traction test.  When all was done and the dust settled, the Grabber AT3 was crowned King.  The winning result followed a successful 2017 where the General Grabber AT3 won 3 of 7 Tyre Tests entered.  An independent test win ratio significantly better than most other well-known 4x4 brands.*

*Measured against known test results

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General Tire Grabber AT3