Flo-Max Pro Air Compressor 160L/min, 12v

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The Flomax Pro pumps out an amazing 160 litres per minute and features a cast alloy cylinder housing.


New from Ironman 4x4. The Flomax Pro pumps out an amazing 160 litres per minute, 3 year warranty, 8m heat resistant hose, inline pressure gauge and deflator, built in air cleaner, cast alloy cylinder housing, pressure relief valve and heavy duty carry bag.

  • 60mm Cylinder
  • Cast alloy cylinder housing
  • 2m cord with battery clips
  • 8m heat resistant, heavy duty hose
  • Inline pressure gauge/deflator
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Auto reset thermal protection
  • Built-in air cleaner
  • Anti-vibration feet
  • Includes heavy duty carry bag
  • Can be permanently mounted.


Flow Rate - 160L/min
Maximum Pressure - 150psi
Max. Amperage - 45 Amps
Motor Type - Perm. Magnetic
Fuse - Built-In Resettable Circuit Breaker (45 Amps)
Auto Reset Thermal Protection? - Yes
Voltage - 12V
Notes - Do not touch the compressor or the fitting, (other than the ON/OFF switch) with bare hands during or immediately after use.

This Air Compressor is equipped with a THERMAL OVERLOAD PROTECTOR. If the unit should shut off automatically during operation, do not attempt to restart compressor. Turn compressor's ON/OFF switch to the OFF position. Allow compressor to cool off for approximately 30 minutes before resuming use.

Warranty - 3 years

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Flo-Max Pro Air Compressor 160L/min, 12v