Maxxis 14"

What makes Maxxis the best 4WD tyres for New Zealand?

Better wet road grip.
Maxxis tyres give you better grip on wet roads.  Even the mud tyres – the MT754, MT762 and MT764 are designed with special sipes (slots) in the tread to ensure confident handling on wet highways.
Assured road handling.

When you buy Maxxis, you buy assured road handling – not only in the on-road patterns, but also in the off-road patterns, for safety and confidence when in highway use.
Better off-road performance.
Maxxis tyres offer you superior off-road performance. Technically superior design gives Maxxis mud traction tyres their outstanding traction and exceptional driver control – no matter how extreme the conditions get.
Longer tread life.
Maxxis 4WD tyres are legendary for their long tread life – which adds up to better value for you.
Stronger construction, to resist damage.
In addition to the special tread compounds which Maxxis uses to make each tyre as well suited as possible to its intended environment, Maxxis 4WD tyres feature a nylon cap – which gives extended tyre life and enhanced resistance to damage.
Lifetime warranty.
Maxis offers a full manufacturer’s warranty on every 4WD tyre, for the life of the tyre – so when you buy Maxxis, you can rest assured that Maxxis will back up your purchase with their promise of quality all the way.