Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform 1328 x 1236 Ford Ranger Bt50

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The sleek and stylish Pioneer Platform is the ultimate load carrying solution for your vehicle. Made with strong, durable and lightweight reinforced nylon and aluminium, they have been tested in the most rugged conditions and have passed with flying colours.

Loading and unloading your equipment is easy. Simply slide your gear onto the Pioneer Platform and tie them down to the bars. The best thing about the Pioneer Platform is that it has been specifically designed to carry existing Rhino-Rack accessories including luggage bags, jerry can holders, spare wheel holders, shovels and loads more.

Rhino-Rack also offers the flexibility of allowing you to purchase the available rail kits if you wanted to add rails to your platform.


  • Stylish and aerodynamically designed to minimise wind drag and noise on the road
  • Non corrosive so it won't rust or fade
  • Made from strong and durable materials and allows you maximum carrying capacity
  • Bars included with the Pioneer Platform
  • Compatible with many Rhino-Rack accessories
  • Additional rail kits are available
# Of Planks: 4
Cross Bars Inc: Included
External Dimensions:
Length 1,328 mm
Width 1,236 mm
Height 39 mm
Leg Profile: RLT600
Warranty: 5 Years

Fits Vehicle:

MAZDA BT50 4dr Ute Dual Cab 11/11 to 11/19

FORD Ranger Raptor PX MkIII 4dr Ute Double Cab 10/18 to 11/19

FORD Ranger PX/PX MkII 4dr Ute Double Cab 10/11 to 11/19

Made up of the following parts:
    • Pioneer Platform (1328mm x 1236mm) - 42109B
    • Quick Mount Heavy Duty Spacer 5mm - QMHD05
    • Quick Mount Pioneer Spacer (10mm) - QMPS10
    • Quick Mount Base Wedge (10mm) - QMW10
    • Quick Mount Leg (x4) - RLT600
    • RTS Tracks - RTS525

Fitting Instructions - Tray

Leg Instructions

Track Instructions

Fitting Instructions - Adapter

 Fitting Instructions - Adapter 2

Q1. How do I know if removable roof rails will fit my Pioneer Platform?

A1. There is a link in the product compatibility section that will verify which rails suit which Pioneer Platforms

 Product Compatibility

Q2. What tools do I need to fit this system?

A2. You will need a Tape Measure, Rubber Mallet, 16mm Ring Spanner, Phillips Screwdriver, 5mm Security Allen Key which is provided in kit

Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform 1328 x 1236 Ford Ranger Bt50