Rear Boat Loader

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Rhino-Rack's Boat Loader is designed so that you can load your small boat onto your 4WD's roof racks without breaking your back.

Our innovative design allows one-man loading and unloading using a 18V or higher powered cordless drill. Simply automate your tinny down to the water and back up to your roof racks with ease. This product will only suit a number of vehicles. Please refer to list of Compatible Vehicles on this page.

Rhino-Rack's Rear Boat Loader is perfect for solo fishermen, retirees, or anyone towing a caravan or trailer. It also prevents injury as it means you won't need to strain your back to load or unload your small boat.

We recommend that you contact Rhino-Rack or a Rhino-Rack specialist fitter near you to assist you with fitting the Boat Loader.

  • Loads from the rear of the vehicle
  • Smart way to carry your boat and tow something else at the same time
  • Recommended to use this boat loader in conjunction with a Hitch Frame (RBLHF)
Loading Mechanism - Electric
Loading Style - Rear
Warranty - 5 Years

Rear Boat Loader