Mickey All Terrain 38 SUV - Traction & Strength On All Terrain

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All-Terrain Tyre- Weekend Off-Roader

70% Road & Sand, 30% Dirt & Mud

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Introducing our new generation tyre, the Mickey All-Terrain 38. Featuring a new open, lateral and circumferential void tread pattern, particular silica based compound and a high tensile construction. This tyre is an excellent upgrade for your 4WD or SUV for traction and strength on all terrains. 

Tyre Features:

High ride stability

Tie bars link the tread blocks together adding to the tyre's high ride stability for a better driving response.

Additional off-road traction:

By moving soft materials into the adjacent block and out of the tread, Angled Shoulder Scallops aid in the self-cleaning ability of the tyre and provides additional off-road traction.

Sidewall protection:

The two-pitch Sidebiter adds an aggressive look while breaking up the terrain for additional traction an aiding in sidewall protection.

Reduced stone retention:

Edge Chamfers and Variable Draft Angles provide and aggressive look while aiding in reducing stone retention to improve cut and chip resistance.

All-terrain traction:

Generous Micro-Gauge Sipes, angled to reduce the depth to the edge of the tread block means improve traction and handling, improved cut and chip resistance, providing great all-terrain traction.

Unique chemically-coupled silica:

A Unique Silica Tread Compound formulated with the latest chemically-coupled silica improves wet traction, handling and braking on-road, while aiding in cut and chip resistance for excellent treadwear.

M/T Fact: 

Sipes: All sipes are within the tread block to reduce chipping and tearing and they also increase traction on wet and greasy roads.

Modern Tread Patterns: Latest designs have high volume water channels to clear water away quickly and are designed with less tread squirm for longer mileage.


Please Note:

  • It is important to ensure you order the correct tyres. If you have ordered the incorrect size please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Any cancellations will incur a restocking fee 20% and all costs associated with the return of the goods are the sole responsibility of the consumer.
  • There must be no evidence of tampering and that the tyres have never been mounted or used. 

Mickey All Terrain 38 SUV - Traction & Strength On All Terrain