Maxxis MT754 Buckshot Mudder

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All-Round Mud Tyre Classic

The hugely popular Farm favourite.

When it comes to New Zealand's farms, one mud tyre has been doing the hard yards for years.  It’ll take you from paddock to paddock, then off to the dairy for a pie. It’ll do whatever you want it to do.  It’s that type of tyre.

- Grips in the mud: It’ll grip tight as you navigate around livestock and through fields. The deep tapered tread blocks and staggered shoulder lugs assure you of that.

- Sticks to the road: It’s a sticky tyre on the road too. Siped tread blocks push the water away for some great multi-edged traction on NZ highways.

- Damage resistant: Less downtime spent on punctures means more time working. Stands up to the tough stuff with a nylon cap ply.

It Has... So you can...
Proven mud terrain traction Be assured you're getting a true New Zealand classic.
Triple sidewall Think of it as armour. Because it is.
Tough, flexible casing Keep safe and stable at highway speeds.
Multi sized tread block design Enjoy the quiet on the open road.
Really long tread life Go to the four square and treat yourself! Seriously, this tyre lasts.
M & S Symbol Use it in all seasons.


Size Load Speed Ply Rating White Letters
195R14C 106R 8PR White letters
27×8.5R14 95Q 6PR White letters
235/75R15 104Q 6PR White letters
30×9.50R15 104Q 6PR White letters
31×10.50R15 109Q 6PR White letters
32×11.50R15 113Q 6PR White letters
33×12.50R15 108Q 6PR White letters
225/75R16 115Q 10PR White letters
235/85R16 120N 10PR
245/75R16 108N 6PR White letters
245/75R16 120N 10PR White letters
265/75R16 119Q 8PR White letters
285/75R16 122M 8PR White letters
265/70R17 119Q 8PR White letters

Maxxis MT754 Buckshot Mudder