Maxxis M8080 Mudzilla Crossply

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It's a Monster!

The roughest and toughest courses can be tamed.

When the environment is extreme, only a tyre with an extreme mud traction bias ply design will be up to the job.  Only Mudzilla will be up to the job.

- Extreme mud traction: Ploughs through the mud thanks to deep, tractor style blocks. For performance in extreme conditions.

- Multi-surface capability: Mud holes and ruts are no match for the wrap around staggered shoulder lugs. Mudzilla can handle whatever you throw at it.

- Immensely strong: It really is a beast. The bias ply construction acting as virtually impenetrable armor.

It Has... So you can...
Long lasting tread pattern with extra sidewall protection Be rough over and over again.
Bias ply construction Get ultra flexible deforming capability to bend over rocks and deep ruts for maximum traction.
Aggressive directional tread & deep blocks Let it sink its claws in and grip unbelievably well.
Optimised siping & highway certification Take this beast onto the roads.
Size Load/Speed Ply rating
33×13.50-15 110L 6PR
35×13.50-15 115L 6PR

Maxxis M8080 Mudzilla Crossply