Maxxis AT811 Razr AT - Fabulous on the highway. Insane off it

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Fabulous on the Highway. Insane off it!

This is an All Terrain that will surprise you at how far you'll get… and how much you'll enjoy getting there.

The newest Razr is here. And true to its roots of both racing expertise and highway excellence, it’s a genuine, super capable, all-surface All Terrain. On road it drives like a beauty but head off the beaten track and it turns wild, ready to eat rocks and spit sand.

Featuring the famous Maxxis wrap-around Armour Ply for unbeatable damage resistance, the Razr AT shines on harsh and smooth surfaces alike. So come along for the ride and see how far it can take you. No one ever knew All Terrain could be this good.

  • 3D Tread Sipes - Allow the tread blocks to work independently to allow extra biting edges when the vehicle is off road, but lock together under force for more stable braking. 
  • Armour Ply - The AT811's secret to extreme durability. Dual-cord casing ply features intertwined reinforcement fibres, dramatically improving casing strength for superior durability and toughness. 
  • Snarls Off Road - 3-Ply sidewall with wrap-over Debri-shield damage-resistant blocks help the tyre to resist sidewall damage.
It Has... So you can...
High tensile nylon cap ply Keep your vehicle stable under high speeds and resist punctures.
Stepped chamfer on tread blocks Drive smoothly on the road and for stable braking under force.
Multi-angled tread sipes Get further in rough conditions while your tyres mould to the terrain and grip with extra biting edges.
New optimised tread pattern Get more grip off-road, and enjoy super quiet running around town and on gravel.

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    Maxxis AT811 Razr AT - Fabulous on the highway. Insane off it