Maxxis AT700/AT771 Bravo

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The Award Winning Premium All Terrain

The very best blend of on and off highway performance.  

Refined performance on the road.  Dependable traction off road. From the dairy, to the batch to the secret fishing spot.  This tyre takes you there. The award winning AT700 offers an unbeatable versatile performance.

- Adaptive All Terrain Performance: On the highway, independently moving tread blocks run smooth and quiet. Brake, corner or accelerate and they lock together for enhanced stability and control.
- Off Road Performance: When traction and grip are needed, the AT700 delivers. Head off road and the staggered shoulder lug design and biting shoulder edge transforms the tyre into some very capable off-road rubber. Excels on gravel.
- Excellent highway handling & stability: Excellence doesn’t have to shout. The multi-pitch tread pattern keeps things quite whilst the stiff tread blocks keep you stable.
It Has... So you can...
Steel belts and a wide nylon cap Brake safely and keep stable when towing or under heavy loads.
Adaptive casing Ride smoothly on rough roads as the casing flexes to resist damage and punctures.
Self-clearing tread grooves and staggered shoulder lugs Grip off-road with minimal rock retention.
Four U-shaped circumferential grooves Get optimal wet road grip and resist hydroplaning.

Size Load/Speed Ply rating White Letters
235/75R15 109S WL
205/70R15 96T WL
31X10.5R15 109S 6PR WL
30X9.5R15 104S 6PR WL
215/70R16 100T WL
235/70R16 106T WL
245/70R16 111S WL
255/70R16 111T WL
265/70R16 112S WL
215/65R16 98T WL
235/60R16 104H
245/70R17 110S WL
225/65R17 102T WL
245/65R17 111S WL
255/65R17 110H
265/65R17 112S WL
275/65R17 115T WL
285/65R17 116S WL
275/65R18 116S
255/60R18 112H
265/60R18 110S WL
255/55R18 109H
245/55R19 103T
275/55R20 117T WL
265/50R20 112V

Maxxis AT700/AT771 Bravo