Folding Fire Pit

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All Fired Up

With more and more camping areas and caravan parks requiring visitors to maintain their campfires in a purpose built Fire Pit, it is worth considering having a collapsible Fire Pit in your collection of camping gear. Ironman 4x4’s new collapsible Fire Pit has been designed with practicality and functionality, front of mind.

Size Always Matters

The two sizes that matter, are packed and assembled. The Ironman 4x4 Fire Pit packs down nicely, to a modest 530mm (L) x 400mm(W) meaning it will take up barely in room in your vehicle and fits nicely into the Ironman 4x4 Drawer Systems laying down. When assembled, the measurements are 530mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 300mm (H) and packs in a heavy duty carry bag.

The Ironman 4x4 Fire Pit is the ideal size for a group of two to five. Large enough to get a solid campfire going, radiating good warmth from the top and sides, while not so big that is eats firewood at a rate faster than you can feed it.

With the collection of firewood also becoming increasingly difficult in many areas, the Ironman 4x4 Fire Pit, is a great size for pre-cut firewood often purchased from the local service station. It can also be used with other fuel including lump charcoal and heat beads.

Construction Counts

The Ironman 4x4 Fire Pit is precision cut from 3mm steel and is designed with ribs to improve overall strength and reduced warpage. The main fire box is constructed simply of four sheets that interlock together; two ends and two sides. Clean and efficient heat is aided by the inclusion ventilation points around the body and base. All pieces are treated with a Heat Resistant Coating

Feature Packed

Embers and dropped coals are one of the greater dangers of raised fire pits, and to reduce this risk the Ironman 4x4 Fire Pit is supplied complete with a steel ember tray on which the fire pit can be positioned, protecting the ground underneath.

And while we all enjoy getting cosy around a fire, there’s also nothing quite like dinner cooked on one. So, each Ironman 4x4 Fire Pit is supplied with a flat BBQ plate that sits across the fire and features a Non-Stick surface. In addition there are a series of slots located along the sides that allow the fitment of the two supplied pot rails. This holds a fry pan, kettle, small camp oven, or saucepan (not included) over the fire.

A nature of the beast results in you unpacking a storing some dusty steel plates, so to keep your vehicle clean each Ironman 4x4 Fire Pit is sold with a sturdy PVC carry bag included.

Spit Roast - Purchased Separately
If the idea of settling in for a day by the fire and spinning some gyros lamb or chicken over some hot coals has you salivating, you'll be happy to know that Ironman 4x4 are also offering an optional Spit Rotisserie kit that attaches directly to the Ironman 4x4 Fire Pit.
Folding Fire Pit
Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H) 530 x 400 x 300mm
Packed Dimensions (L x W)
530 x 400mm
Weight 15Kgs
Body Material
Mild steel plate/3mm thickness
Ember Tray
Mild steel plate/1.2mm thickness
Metal Finish
Heat resistant - high temperature resistant coating.

Folding Fire Pit