Federal Tyres Xplora AP

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The Sturdy Xplora A/P is built to tackle demands of everyday commuting and mild weekend adventures with competent handling, optimized tread wear and confident grip in all weather conditions.

The Xplora A/P is a sturdy everyday commuting tyre but always ready for a mild off road weekend adventure.

Four main lateral grooves

Provide consistent traction in dry and wet conditions.

Optimized contact path and centre rib tread

Enhances driving comfort, tyre rigidity and steering stability.

Reduced on-road noise

Tie bar in shoulder areas reduce on-road noise.

Increased off-road grip

Optimal compounds improve mileage angled grooves increase off-road grip.

So, whats so special about this tyre?

The A/P’s next-gen compounds help improve durability and longevity while stone ejectors prevent sharp stones from attaching to the tire’s tread surface and penetrating the tire structure.

Four main grooves with straight and jagged designs and slanted lateral grooves effectively disperse water for improved wet traction.

Optimized contact patch with centralized biting sipes not only improves driving comfort, but also increases tire rigidity, steering stability, and water dispersion.

Tie bar in shoulder areas reduces noise for comfortable rides at high speed.

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Federal Tyres Xplora AP