Conduit Reinforced End Cap – 100mm

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Reinforced for carrying copper pipes, this front end cap is designed to ensure your copper pipes (up to a total weight of 15kgs/33lbs), stay secure in your conduit. When braking suddenly, this Conduit End Cap will prevent your piping from spilling out over the road.

Made from injection moulded PVC, the BCW-C has a metal reinforced high density foam core. Secure the End Cap onto the front of your conduit, securing the wire trace onto the hex bolt of the conduit tube to prevent loss.

For the rear of your conduit, we recommend the BCW. Crash tested and also supplied with a secure wire trace.


  • Provides extra security for heavy duty loads in your conduit
  • Fits Rhino-Rack 100mm(4in) Conduit Carriers
  • Includes Secure wire trace to prevent loss
  • Crash tested for proven reliability
  • 1 year warranty
  • Compatible with Conduit Carrier (4.6m/100mm P46-100) and Conduit Carrier (3.0m/100mm P30-100)

Conduit Reinforced End Cap – 100mm