Baja Radial Claw TTC - The Ultimate in Extreme Traction

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Extreme Mud Terrain Tyre

20% Road & Sand, 80% Dirt & Mud

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Claw by Name, Claw by Nature

Go big or go home…that could be the rallying cry of the Mickey Thompson TTC Claw, a tyre which provides the ultimate in extreme traction. Tough, puncture-resistant PowerPly sidewalls and exceptional depth (up to 17.5mm!) to the distinctive tread design adds up to an unbeatable combination in the harshest terrain

The Baja Claw TTC is an ultra aggressive off road tire with advanced bias belted construction designed for the most rugged conditions.

Built with state-of-the-art construction, the Claw TTC’s 23° tread pattern, large directional sidebiters, tough sidewall and PowerPly carcass construction gives you the confidence it will pull through in any situation.


Tyre Features:

Maximum traction and self cleaning

The 23° directional tread pattern (ultimate angle for cutting and self-cleaning that is used on tractor tyres and plough blades), gives you maximum traction and self-cleaning without extreme noise.

Power through mud

The mud pockets in the shoulder and directional scoops in the centre of the tread, guide mud and loose soil into adjacent mud pockets and out of the pattern for ultimate traction and self-cleaning.

Aggressive sidewall traction

Extremely aggressive directional Sidebiters tear through loose surfaces and provide extra bite and protection. Tread and sidewall decoupling grooves allow the tread to flex and conform to irregular surfaces.

Long wear & On-road traction

Strategically placed and shaped siping promote long wear and improve traction on wet and greasy surfaces.

Baja Radial Claw TTC - The Ultimate in Extreme Traction